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Combining sweet science with accrued knowledge and a strong work ethic Lee Cox is now at the forefront of golf coaching in the World and is among the top 50 coaches in the United Kingdom.

Whilst teaching a wide range of skills to both amateurs and professionals at The Shire Academy in North London, he has seen his reputation burgeoning by way of specialization in long drive coaching and the success therein of his pupils.

A formidable line-up includes Joe Miller; 2010 and 2016 World Long Drive Champion, Martin Borgmeier; World Long Drive Champion 2022 and Mike Gays; World Para Long Drive Champion 2018. As well as this Lee has coached athletes and accrued wins of over 100 Long Drive championships and titles through EuroPro, Challenge Tour and the European Tour.

That coaching success has led to feature articles in Today's Golfer, a long drive teach in on the Mark Crossfield video blog, and a commentary and coaching role for Sky Sports. With further television features ongoing, his now pre-eminent position can only continue to grow.

"Swing methods come and go but the laws of physics have not changed since time began. You either deliver the club correctly or you do not! Through the many thousands of lessons I have given, I have learnt what works and what does not. To maximise your potential you must improve all parts of your game; long game, short game, course management and psychology. It has been my privilege to teach the whole game of golf, encompassing all the latest technologies that enables people to reach their goals. I always enjoy meeting new pupils, and working with them to improve their game."


Lee Cox - PGA Fellow Professional - 2022



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St Albans Rd, Barnet EN5 4RE, UK


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