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What is Force and Flow Golf?

A golf power and speed training APP which contains over 70 exclusive videos produced by full time PGA golf coaches with over 40 years of experience.

How many hours of content do you have on your app?

We launched our APP with over 100 videos which in excess of 3 hours of instruction, drills, exercises and training. Each month we will be adding lots more content for you to enjoy.

Can I try the F&FG APP before I subscribe?

Sure, you can get FREE lifetime access to the BASIC golf training program before you purchase our other training programs.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time and won't be billed for the subsequent month or annual term. No hard feelings.

Do I need to download an APP to access the F&FG training programs?

No, you can access our platform via the browser on your PC, MAC, Smart Phone or Tablet. All brands and makes are supported. You can also download our standalone APP via the Apple of Google Play APP stores.

Who is behind Force and Flor Golf?

2 PGA golf professionals and full time teachers LEE Cox and Steve Furlonger founded Force and Flow Golf. Our clients range from recreational golfers, European tour players and competitive long drivers. Our players have won over 100 long drive events worldwide, 3 world long drive titles and have competed and won multiple pro tour events at all levels.

Do I need to spend money on expensive training aids once I subscribe?

No, we have videos on how to train with home made aids that you can make very easily and cheaply. If you do wish to purchase we have videos on the products we use.

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